Events 2018

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Despite half the 2018 year having come and gone, fight fans still have some cards to look forward to this year. In fact, the remaining cards are some of the best ones to watch out for in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing.

Here are a few fighting events that fight fans and sports betters can look out for in 2018.

UFC 229: McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov

Connor McGregor is a special talent in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). His brash and cocky personality serve as a magnet for attention. This in turn generates a lot of hype and money for the organization.

The special thing about him though is that he has backed up most if not all of his trash talk in the ring. Except for one loss to Nick Diaz – one that he had avenged – McGregor’s career has been nothing short of stellar.

Since the start of his career in the octagon, he has laid waste to talented individuals. His career is now set in stone too ever since earning two belts in different weight classes.

This upcoming fight though is by far the biggest test that the Irishman will face. The hype surrounding it is palpable.

McGregor is a knockout artist whose standup skills are almost at the level of genius. However, one criticism about him is that he has never faced a legitimate wrestler (apart from Chad Mendes who we knocked out for the interim title).

The UFC 229 fight against Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov. Nuragomedov is considered the best wrestler in the UFC. He has the ability to take any person down and keep them down.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, the tickets for this event sold out in three minutes. Better keep an eye out on these fighters and bet wisely.

The fight is slated for October 2.

GGG vs. Alvarez 2

Genady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez are two of the best boxers in the world. These two boxing juggernauts have already faced each other in a contest that was the pinnacle of boxing.

Their first fight ended in a draw. It was a lackluster finish. However, for boxing fans, it was a sign that we would get to see these two legends in the ring again.

Tune in to this boxing match on the 15th of September. Which of these fighters will be considered the best middleweight on the planet?