3 Tips For You To Better Bet on MMA Fights

3 Tips For You To Better Bet on MMA Fights - 3 Tips For You To Better Bet on MMA Fights

As the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White always says, fighting is in our blood. It is indeed a natural urge that people adopt when facing adversity. That is why people can relate to the mixed martial arts (MMA) sport.

Betting on mixed martial arts is more than just looking at the tale of the tape. While the height and weight of the fighters is of course important, the fight game is unpredictable. Anything can happen in that ring or cage.

For betters, betting on a fighter just based solely on their statistics and general physical look is going in there half blind.

Here are a few tips to increase the winning chances of your bets.

Smiles Are Sinful

Man Smiling while watching fight - 3 Tips For You To Better Bet on MMA Fights

This may sound ridiculous. However, a study has been made stating that a fighter who smiles more before the fight – like during media days, weigh-ins, and even coming out to the ring or cage – are statistically more likely to lose the fight.

The wider and more intense the smile, the chances of him or her losing increase. The theory behind it is that when people smile, they tend to lack aggression. It may also indicate submissiveness in their personality.

When the opponents see them smile too, it triggers them to attack with increased aggression as well.


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One factor that you can look at as well is how long the fighters have been preparing for this fight. There are some fights where one fighter only had weeks to prepare versus the other person’s full training camp.

There have been some fighters who took a fight on short notice and won. Again, anything is possible. However, the statistics just don’t add up here.

Location of the Fight

2 player Fighting on the ring - 3 Tips For You To Better Bet on MMA Fights

In every sport, there is always the concept of homefield advantage. This holds true for fighting as well. The cheering of the crowd is a big factor that can help motivate or demotivate the fighters.

However, there is more to it than that. In some cases, the fights will take place in a city that is elevated. This elevation means that air is thinner. This is big for fighters.

If they are not used to training in elevation, then they could run out of gas quickly.

There are more tips for betting on MMA fights. However, these few that we just shared are quite We at Karate PKF hope that you take keep these tips in mind and utilize them to better your betting game.

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